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November 2013

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Jentrice At Sunset

I thought I'd write a poem
Because I'm sitting here in class
Need to make something that'll show him
I'm not a complete ass

I just wanna take you down to my place
And cover you in butter
Can't wait to see your face
Or hear the terrified things you'll mutter

You know I really care for you
I'll protect you 'til you die
Even if I go before your time is due
I can damn well fucking try

I wanna feel the deepest parts
Your body is so divine
I met you in a supermart
While picking up some moonshine

I was a shy and docile creature
You were too much to behold
I knew you were something I wanted to feature
Something that I could mold

Babe you know it's not time to go
The fun's only just begun
I'll tickle your tight balls with my big afro
And tell you some funny puns

I don't know if you know it yet
But your hands are just so great
I'm going to take you home to be my pet
There will never be any escape

You're leading me to your place again
From that cute little coffee shop
I'm so glad your name isn't Ben
Your ass cherry I'm going to pop


Friday night comes along
You're watching TV and making dinner
I'm around the corner and very strong
Tonight, who's going to be the winner?

It's been six months since I've fallen in love
I think it's time that you respond
I don't know if I should set free a dove
Or give you candy to help us bond

I hope you're not misunderstanding me
I'm walking to your door
Oh please oh please don't you flee
I have yet to even score

You answer with your gorgeous, bright smile
You make my knees go weak
I'd really love to stay a while
But there's something I'd like to tweak

I tell you that I found your wallet
Which I had actually stole the night before
Maybe I should've written a sonnet
You definitely deserve a lot more

I point up at the sky saying what a nice night it is
And that we should take a walk
Man I really gotta take a piss
But what I want more is to talk

We're walking in this park alone
It looks like you trust me already
Tonight we are definitely going to bone
No time to be going steady

I ask if you wanna go some place
And you kindly deny my offer
Jesus you've got such a pretty face
It almost makes me not want to slaughter


I walk off of your porch, feeling all right
Like I said, the fun's only just begun
This is going to be a very long night
You won't even have a chance to run.